Italian Artists New York

Charta Books

Hordes of artists flock to New York for thousands of reasons: the fertile terrain, the chance be discovered, stimulating encounters, to escape from one’s place of origin, and to experience productive isolation in a city where you immediately feel both at ease and like a player.

This book is a snapshot of a dynamic art scene that is constantly evolving: New York’s Italian contemporary art community. This “instant” survey intends to create a platform for young Italian artists who are not merely passing through New York; all the artists included—all born after 1960—either live and work in New York, or have participated in New York-based artist residencies since 2005.

Authors: Renato Miracco

Edited by: Renato Miracco

Format: 17 x 21 cm

Pages: 152

Binding: hardback

Illustrations: 136 including 68 in color

Year: 2009

Edition: English / Italian